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I’m Kim O’Reilly.
(Yes, like the auto parts store). … (No, I don’t own it.)
(Yes, people sing the jingle to me all the time, haha).
I’m a well-rounded creative with nearly ten years of experience, and up to five years of overseeing teams, focused around creative marketing and advertising, occasionally consumer products, in the entertainment industry working with studios from feature films to animation, and gaming—20th Century Fox, Warner Bros., Marvel, Pixar, Disney, Dreamworks, Paramount, NBC-Universal, Bungie Studios, Activision-Blizzard, EA, and the list goes on! Due to a large range of work, I am comfortable adapting, working, and visually communicating to different demographics and communities.
Outside of the office, I non-stop strive to expand my capabilities. I am working (and studying) on shifting my creative focus into design that makes an impact: user-centered design. Coming from a history of work supporting marketing, while visual communication plays a big role, I believe that the most impact you can make is creating the actual thing that consumers are going to use every day.
As a leader, I simply enjoy mentoring and taking care of those around me as I think cultivation and empathy are incredibly important in the workplace and the only way to teach this is through leading by example.
My illustration is influenced by video games, children’s books, and animation, and—in very rare cases—street art.
Outside of work I love spending time with my fiance taking weekend trips especially by train, going on nice morning hikes before the mist burns off, going to hockey games, ice skating, playing video games (when the PS4 isn’t chewing on the disc), sea kayaking, relaxing at our favorite coffee shops and finding new ones, and experimenting with cooking recipes!
Lately, I've been making myself available for 1-on-1 settings for those who aren't comfortable in groups. So having a “coffee date” with me is an open and flexible option!
I have 2 (of 5) slots "vacant".
I honestly book with the intent of taking as much time as you need to talk about everything you feel like you need to. Most of the time it's a much more personal conversation that people don't want to discuss at an event, and that's completely understandable!
The subject matters I regular discuss involve careers revolving around design, illustration, animation, and creative marketing focused on the entertainment industry.
2019 | Sunday Jump | Los Angeles, CA (Collab on Display)
2018 | Overwatch / LA Valiant | Alhambra, CA @ Gallery Nucleus
2016 | Neverending Fantasy | Anaheim, CA @ Artist Alley
2016 | Star Wars | San Diego, CA @ FX Dojo
2016 | 8-Bit and Beyond 2 | Brooklyn, NY @ Bottleneck Gallery
2016 | Burton Show | Anaheim, CA @ Rothick Art Haus
2015 | Popcade | Anaheim, CA @ Rothick Art Haus
2015 | Spirit of the Wind | Fullerton, CA @ Artist Alley
People have been curious about the music I have used on my livestreams and timelapse videos on my Instagram. I have reposted some tracks on Soundcloud and a majority of my favorite artists/playlists are in my Bandcamp collection.
I am a big follower of Chillhop Music. So if you are big on indie musicians like I am—especially of the jazz, triphop, chillhop genre—please show them some love and support by donating and purchasing their music.
The recurring artists in my posts are...
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